Is therapy what you need?

For many of us, growing up you would tend to hear that if you’re feeling sad or upset, you should just suck it up and do what you have to do. But how can we “do what we have to do” if we don’t know what to do? How we get what we want to get done if we’re not in the right headspace? If we don’t know how to cope with the events, people, and situations that are in our lives? Therapy allows us to recognize what we have been doing that has been holding us back from reaching our full potential. It helps us learn how to identify the thoughts and behaviours that have been keeping us stagnant, instead of helping us move forward.
For anyone who has been struggling with a difficult time and is unsure about their next steps and would like some guidance, therapy is an option for you. For those of us who wake up wanting a change but don’t necessarily know how to go about making that change; therapy can help you figure out and work towards that change.

Are you still unsure?

The best way I can help you, help yourself, find out if therapy is for you is by asking you to answer the following questions to yourself and see if any of them apply to you:
1) Do you want to change your current situation but I’m not sure how or where to start?
2) Have you been feeling, sad or lonely, or crying more often than usual lately?
3) Have you been feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or anxious more often than usual lately?
4) Have you been feeling angrier or lashing out at your loved ones or others more often than usual lately?
5) Did you experience a traumatic event and can’t get what happened out of your head?
6) Have you been having frequent, daily, negative thoughts that cause you to feel hopeless, inadequate, or not good enough, more often than usual lately?
7) Have you been harming yourself in any way, for example, starving yourself (outside of religious reasons or advised dietary restrictions) or cutting yourself?
8) Do you feel like you have a lot going on and nobody to talk to or confide in?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you could benefit from attending therapy. Now, let me make it clear that this was not a psychological test of any kind. These questions were meant to allow you to reflect on how you have been feeling lately for you to decide if you would like to start therapy.
If you’re not sure if therapy is for you from answering these questions, that’s okay! You can always reach out to us and ask us any questions you might have. Even if you don’t decide to utilize our therapy services, we would be happy to help you determine what your options are.
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