Our Services

At Guiding Lanes we offer services that target the individual, the family and groups of various kinds.

Learn more about yourself and uncover your potential

Adult therapy gives the individual an opportunity to express how they feel, learn more about themselves and what they want, as well as address any problems they might be experiencing. Goals for therapy are created based on their reason for seeking counselling; and through various techniques and forms of therapy, the client receives holistic therapeutic care in a safe, confidential, empathetic space.

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Be heard, and be guided to create the best version of you

Adolescent therapy allows the client to have a voice, and helps them to focus on the underlying emotional and developmental problems that are affecting them. By using various cognitive behavioural techniques, the client is able to learn coping skills to effectively handle situations in healthy ways in the future. The main goal is to guide the client to learn, practice and develop lasting positive changes.

Learn to identify and express feelings in a positive way

Child counselling/ therapy offers a safe space for children to learn to identify and understand their feelings through play, art and talk therapy. Children will receive the emotional support they need, while learning and practicing different techniques to bring about change in their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Rebuild and strengthen your relationship

Couples therapy assists couples to make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding and strengthening their relationship. By incorporating different techniques, couples will accomplish several goals, including trusting each other more, learning how to manage and express their emotions, create an intimate loving bond; and deciding that what would be best for each person, even if that means going your separate ways.

Guiding your family to becoming closer

Family therapy or family counseling is designed to address specific issues affecting the health and functioning of a family. Families who come to counselling use it as a means to help the family through a difficult period, a major transition, or mental or behavioral health problems family members may be experiencing and cannot handle on their own.

Learn together, grow together

Group therapy is used to treat multiple individuals who are experiencing the same, or similar situations, symptoms or disorder, at the same time, in a group setting. This type of therapy not only allows the individual within the group to develop skills to resolve the challenges they may be facing, but it allows everyone to learn from one another’s experiences, and develop effective communication skills.

Working towards a common goal

We offer many types of workshops for schools, businesses and private groups. Stress management, anger management and effective communication are some of the popular topics we get contacted for. We also facilitate workshops for emotional intelligence, self-care, and psychosocial first aid.