How to find the right career for you

We are about to enter into a new year and for some of us, we are about to change some aspect of our lives. One such aspect might be your career/ job. Now, this might not be because you chose to find a different job or career path. Maybe you lost your job and you’re trying to find other ways to find money, or maybe you’re tired of the current job you have and you want to explore other options; or… maybe you’re just not sure what career path to go down at all and you just want a bit of guidance. No matter which reason you have for thinking about your career path, it can be quite frustrating and confusing at times to know what you want to do for a living. Sometimes it’s just hard to decide, and that’s okay. Whether you’re 32, 25, 50, or 18, it doesn’t matter what age you are. This decision can be hard for anyone, at any age.

What are my options?

Many people tend to ask, “well, what can I do?” The answer to that question, is well, anything! The right question is, what do I want to do?
You might sit and think to yourself, well, I don’t know, if I knew I’d just do it! But you do know. Consider instead of answering that seemingly hard question, try answering some of the following instead:
1) What do I like to do?
2) What am I good at?
3) Is there anyone whose career/ job I envy?
4) What have I tried already?
By answering these questions, you are now getting a better sense of who you are and what you might like to do or wouldn’t mind doing. This is the first step and you’ve successfully completed it!

The next step

After you have answered the above four (4) questions, some of you might have even started asking yourself other follow up questions like, what do I know for sure I DON’T want to do? Or, what kind of job do I see myself doing/ wish I could do? If you started coming up with your own questions that’s great! Take your time to answer them before moving on to this next step:
Figuring out what careers fall in line with the answers to the first two questions above.
This might be a bit hard at first but remember that Google is your best friend in this instance. Look at your paper, word document, notes app in your phone, napkin, or notebook where you answered the questions and start typing in the Google search engine for careers that fall in line with those words. For example, if you like to read, then type, “careers for people who like to read”. If you think it sounds too good to be true, try it and see. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and probably spend a couple of hours searching and finding numerous careers that fall in line with what you like to do and what you’re good at.
For the answers to the last two questions:
Is there anyone whose career/ job I envy? and,
What have I tried already?
Those questions were meant for you to firstly, think about why you envy that person’s career/ job? Is it that you like how flexible their daily lives are? Do you like the fact that they make a lot of money? Do you like the way they dress to work? Do you like that they are essentially doing your dream job and you wish you could be doing that too because you love it? Think about and write down why you selected this particular person.
The last question is there to help you evaluate the careers/ jobs you have tried already so that you can know which ones you liked, which ones you didn’t like, and why you did/ didn’t like them. Ultimately helping you figure out more about yourself and what you would like to be doing.

Final steps

Narrowing down your options is the final step. You have all the information you need now in order to try to figure out which career might be the best one for you, or which one you would like to try next based on the options you found in Google, the ones you like and the options that might be available to you depending on where you are (country and stage of your life).
If you’re still having some difficulty, try utilizing one or both of the following sites that will help you to further get to know yourself and the careers/ jobs that might be best suited for you:
1) A Personality test
This test will help you figure out which personality type you are, discover and understand your strengths and weaknesses, as well as which careers might be best suited for you.
2) Holland Code Quiz
This quiz will get you your Holland Code that will tell you which of the following work personalities describe you the most:
Enterprising and,
Finding a career that you love and want to do for most of your life can be a very difficult decision to make. There are so many factors to consider, like your lifestyle and responsibilities. Taking the time to really sit and write down what you like to do, what you’re good at if there’s anyone whose career you might envy, and what careers/jobs you’ve tried already, will help you get a better picture of what options you could try, or realize that a specific one is definitely the one for you. The personality and career tests are additional resources to help you that will broaden your understanding of yourself and help narrow down the search for you as well.

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