Depression, low self-esteem, anger, loneliness, feeling sad, and feeling isolated, are all feelings and symptoms that someone who is considering committing suicide has. People have several different aspects of their lives that they worry about, are overwhelmed about, uncertain about or just don’t feel very good about. High-risk populations are usually persons who have mood disorders, experienced a traumatic event, or are experiencing some form of discrimination.

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It can be extremely difficult for someone who has suicidal thoughts to stop having them. This is especially so for those who do not have a strong support system or are constantly reminded of the trauma or discrimination they have experienced.

If you know someone who is, or might be having suicidal thoughts here a few things you can do to help them:

  1. Check on them. Ask them how they’re ACTUALLY doing. Many times people as us “How are you?” and the responses are usually very generic. Find out how your friend, co-worker, or loved one is actually feeling.
  2. Listen to them. Pay attention to what they’re saying and give them a safe space to express any and all the feelings and thoughts they might be having.
  3. Let them know you’re there to support them. Remind them that you are there for them if they need you.
  4. Encourage them. Help them realize that they have something or someone to live for. Help them remember the good qualities they have or the accomplishments they have made.
  5. Help them get help if and when they are ready.
  6. Do positive activities with them.
  7. Take away any items that they could possibly use to cause harm to themselves (if you are able to).

If you have been having suicidal thoughts and would like to know what to do, here are a few things you can do:

  1. Talk to someone you trust
  2. Avoid using drugs or alcohol to make you feel better. These substances may have the opposite effect, and cause you to feel worse.
  3. Write down any and everything you are thankful for, you love or you would like to do. Giving yourself hope for the future and a reason to want to live will help you want to stay alive longer.
  4. Challenge your negative thoughts.
  5. Do more activities that bring you joy, bring positivity to your life, or make you feel relaxed.
  6. Hide or throw away any items that you might use to cause harm to yourself
  7. Read daily affirmations to boost your self-confidence.

There are many people and places who want to support and help you in any way that they can during this time. Reach out to one of the contacts below to get help now:

  1. Seek help from a Mental Health practitioner. Guiding Lanes will be able to help you get the support you need by assisting you with choosing someone you feel comfortable speaking with. Connect with us via email, WhatsApp or any of our social media pages from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday. If it’s an emergency, or you need help outside of the mentioned days and hours, please contact the other resourced below.
  2. Go to the Mount St. John Medical Centre located on Michael’s Mount, or call 911.
  3. Call the DOGA SARC Hotline at 463-5555. This hotline is to be used if your suicidal thoughts are a result of gender-based violence.

At Guiding Lanes, your safety is our top priority. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask. We all need support and help at some point in our life. Asking for help can be hard, but the positive results you will receive from asking for help will ultimately make you stronger.

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