How to make the best of a not so great situation this Christmas season

Tis the season to be jolly! Or is it?
Many people all over the world are getting ready to celebrate Christmas, as they purchase their Christmas trees, ornaments, gifts and stock up the fridge with ingredients for Christmas lunch/ dinner.
However, some people aren’t exactly feeling very jolly this year. Some have lost their jobs, lost loved ones, are going through a divorce, breakup, and the like. Others might not have lost someone, but they have too much happening in their life right now. They might be feeling overwhelmed with work, frustrated, and generally have too much on their mind. Too many decisions to make, too much to do, and seemingly not enough time to get them done. With everything going on, can you have a good Christmas or Holiday season? Yes, you can!

8 Ways to enjoy the season

You might not be able to find the joy in the season right now, but there are ways you can enjoy yourself during the holidays this year. Whether you’re trying to enjoy the season on a budget or spend it with friends, family, or by yourself, there are many ways you can feel happy this Christmas season.
The following are some ways you can begin to put a smile on your face and a warmth in your heart during the holidays:

1) Give your friends and family silly or meaningful gifts

If you’re still exchanging gifts with your friends and family this year, but money seems to be stopping you from getting them something you think they’d really appreciate, try suggesting to everyone that this year, let’s make the gift-giving fun and meaningful, rather than expensive.
Some examples of inexpensive silly gifts include:
  • a reusable straw- it’s covid 19 and we’re also thinking about the environment
  • a car charger or battery pack because their phone battery is always dead or needs to charge
  • an alarm clock because they’re always late
  • a pack of pens because they’re always asking you for one
  • a mask in their favourite colour and some sanitizer because this person always forgets them at home
  • a board or card game you can all play together

Some meaningful gifts might include:
  • a personalized mug- this could be with a nice quote, phrase or picture
  • a homemade card and a small gift that you know they would appreciate, like a scented candle
  • a hair product or accessory they love to use
  • picture frame with pictures of you and the person 

2) Create your own 10 days before Christmas to-do list

Spice your holiday up a bit and create your own 10 days before Christmas to-do list that has a list of things you want to do before Christmas and maybe even one thing you do on Christmas. This might include, baking yourself a cake on one day, going for a walk and taking pictures of nature on another day, trying something that you’ve never done before the day after that, or check out a store or restaurant you’ve only heard of but never went into before. Whatever you decide to do on those 10 days, make sure they are activities that YOU want to do and will enjoy doing.

3) Do something adventurous or a bit out of character

This holiday season, try doing something fun and adventurous that you’ve never done before. You could try going sailing, or zip-lining, or jet skiing. If you don’t want to do that type of activity you could also try a different hairstyle, haircut or hair colour this season, or try a different food or restaurant by yourself or with a family member, friend or your partner.

4) Watch Christmas movies and shows

Christmas movies and shows never get old. There are the classics from Home Alone, to some of the newer ones that have recently been added on Netflix, like Holidate. There will always be a Christmas movie or series that will cheer you up, give you a few laughs, and maybe even make you shed a few tears. Make some popcorn and watch them by yourself, or enjoy a movie night with your family.

5) No Christmas tree? No problem!

Getting a Christmas tree this year might be slightly out of the budget, but did you know you could build a Christmas tree out of supplies like paper, cardboard, tinsel, and other inexpensive items? Build your own tree this Christmas out of smaller, inexpensive items by following the links in “Christmas tree” for this option. You can even get ideas from those links and create your opinion Christmas tree masterpiece! Have fun with it!

6) Support local businesses

If you’re able to and want to try to support a few new businesses this Christmas, Content creator, Blogger, and YouTuber Astoldbyali, gave 32 suggestions of local Antiguan businesses we can all support this Christmas. Check out her blogpost here for 32 great businesses to support that aren’t very expensive!

7) Take some time for yourself and just relax

Sometimes all we need is a good rest and our mood instantly perks up shortly after. Our minds aren’t filled with decisions to make and situations to figure out. This season, take the time to make yourself a priority and really relax. Take a long shower or bath, read a book, meditate, watch tv and shows, or pamper yourself with a massage, or a nail or hair appointment. Make one day this season your “lazy” day. Your body and mind just might need that right now.

8) Find your one thing

What is that one thing you always need to have for your Christmas season to go well? It might be a ham, a turkey, or fruit cake, or it might be spending time with family. Think about the one thing you need or want to have this Christmas that, if everything else isn’t there or doesn’t happen, that you’ll still be happy because you have your one thing. When you figure it out, try to make that possible for this season.
The key to enjoying the season this year is to try your best to make the best out of a not so great situation. It will definitely be hard to do at first, but what’s important is that you are trying. You are making the effort. Continue doing your best to enjoy the Christmas season this year by trying one of the eight options above. If you don’t think these will work, or you would like other examples that might cater to your specific situation, we are here to help. Reach out to us for more options or to have a conversation.

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