Six (6) things you can do to feel happier more often

Have you ever just been in a funk? Feel a little ‘meh’ but you don’t know why and you don’t know how to shake it?
Rest assured that we all feel that way at some point in our lives. When life happens, we sometimes get a lot of challenges thrown our way. Some days we can handle them and stay in an upbeat, happy, or content mood. Other times, we need a little pick me up or a few tools in our back pocket to help us feel happy again, or at least help us get through the day without biting someone heads off.

How can you do this?

One of the ways you can do this is by incorporating little changes to the way you usually do things and change up your routine a bit. Below are six (6) different things you can do to start feeling happier more often:
1) Exercise
When you exercise, you release endorphins throughout your body which are feel-good chemicals that cause you to start feeling a sense of euphoria while you workout. This euphoric feeling is what makes you feel happier when you start getting into your workout routine. Get active and start feeling happier by doing some form of physical activity that you are comfortable with. You could go swimming, for a walk, work out at the gym or at home, or take a fitness or dance class.
2) Do the things that YOU want to do
You won’t be happy if you let others make your decisions for you, or if you let others dictate what you should and should not be doing. Make yourself a priority. Start saying what you want or what you want to do instead of letting someone else make up your mind for you. Be selfish sometimes. You deserve it.
3) Eat well- eat foods that encourage a happier you.
These would include foods that are high mood-boosting compounds such as fruits and even dark chocolate. Our blog on, Does what we eat really affect our mood? will give you some more insight into foods that can boost your mood and give you more energy!
4) Do an activity outside
Simply being outside, feeling the sunshine, seeing nature, and breathing in the fresh air puts you in a better mood. The sunshine, especially, is said to increase your serotonin, which is known as the mood-boosting hormone. Your choice of activity is completely you to you! Once it’s outside. This could range from taking your laptop and doing your work outside, taking a walk, going to the beach, or going for a drive with the windows down.
5) Do deep breathing, meditation, or yoga
Allowing your mind and your body to get to a place of calm and be less tense, and more relaxed, will ultimately help you feel a lot happier.
A lot of the times, stress, or not being able to make decisions about our life, is what causes us to feel upset, sad, frustrated and overwhelmed. When we are in a state of calm, and our minds aren’t cluttered anymore, we are able to make better decisions and handle situations that come our way more effectively. Try finding a local yoga class in your area or go on YouTube to do a yoga class, or watch a deep breathing or meditation video.
6) Listen to music
Research has proven that listening to music can and does improve your mood. Listening to upbeat music that encourages you to sing and/ or dance especially helps to make you feel happier and in a better mood. On your way to work, while you’re cooking, taking a shower, or just laying in your couch or bed, listen to some upbeat music or a genre of your choice that you know makes you feel good! Add some music to your workout for a double boost of happiness!
These were just six (6) activities that you can start trying on your own to help you feel happier. Exercising, listening to music, doing deep breathing, meditating, or yoga, as well as eating well and focusing more on the things you want to do and accomplish will help you start feeling happier regularly. This of course will only happen if you do some or all of these activities regularly. Go through the list a couple of times and see which ones you can start doing today, and which ones you can start incorporating into your daily routine. Let us know if they’ve been helping you or if you have any activities that help you feel happier when you’re in a funk.

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