In my practice, as well as my personal life, I have spoken to many people who want to start taking their mental health seriously. Now, this doesn’t mean that they have to go and see a mental health practitioner; this means that they want to start doing little things for themselves that will help to improve their mental health and how they feel overall.

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The problem people sometimes have is that they don’t know where to start. Luckily, I have some good news for you! I have come up with a 14-day wellness challenge for you to do that will help you begin your mental wellness journey. Each day has a different task and focuses on a different aspect of your well-being.

Ready for the challenge? Let’s go!

Day 1: Meditation or Grounded breathing

You can do either one of these relaxation techniques today to start your wellness challenge by feeling more relaxed. Many breathing techniques can be found on YouTube. If you would like instructions for doing it yourself without help from YouTube, you can check out the previous blog post, “6 techniques you can use to feel more relaxed” and follow the instructions there.

If you prefer a YouTube video, here is a link to one that I usually suggest to my clients:

Day 2: Get active!

Today it’s time to get moving by going to the gym, going for a walk, run, swim, bike ride, or jog. If you prefer to make your get active activity a bit more interesting, try a Zumba, Yoga, or any other type of fitness class. You can do this! Let’s get moving!

Day 3: Eat more fruits and vegetables!

Day 4: Connect with a friend

Choose a friend that you haven’t spoken to in some time that you would like to either re-connect with or check up on. Put a smile on someone’s face today by reaching out to them! You just might make their day.

Day 5: Drink only water for the ENTIRE day

Water is essential for our bodies and sometimes it’s easy to forget to drink as much of it as we should. Today, instead of drinking juice, soda or your alcoholic beverage of choice, choose water as your only beverage for the day.

Day 6: Treat yourself!

Celebrate YOU today by treating yourself to something you would either like to eat or would like to do. It could be your favourite dessert or meal, or even an episode of your favourite show, or a movie you’ve been meaning to watch.

Day 7: Start writing things down!

(Ideas, dreams, goals, worries, concerns, etc)

Your thoughts are important. Start journaling every day starting from today and write down your goals, worries, concerns and ideas.

Make today the day you start writing down your to-do list every day and try to complete the tasks on your list as best as possible. Remember that any progress is good progress. If you only get one thing done on your list that has 20 items on it, celebrate your effort.

In order to accomplish the big things and see the result you want, you have to get there one action item at a time. Doing one thing every day brings you closer to accomplishing everything sooner than you think. One day, one item at a time.

Day 8: Have some “me” time.

Take some time today to appreciate your body and your mind by resting and relaxing. Listen to music, have a much-needed nap, a long shower or lie on your bed and close your eyes while you take in the comfort of your bed.

Day 9: Let’s be social!

Plan a virtual party or conversation with some of your friends or family members today. If you can, go out for a drink or a bite to eat with them instead.

Day 10: Connect with a family member.

We can get so preoccupied with everything going on in our life that sometimes we forget to check up on our family members. Choose someone in your family that you haven’t spoken to or seen in a while and reach out to them today.

Day 11: If it’s nice, do it twice!
Time to be active, AGAIN!

You started your active journey on Day 2 and now it’s time to start creating habits and routines geared towards having a more active life. Do the same routine you did on Day 2, or switch it up by joining a fitness class or watching a youtube video. Try to be active at least twice a week and increase that as you build your workout regimen.

Day 12: Increase your knowledge

Read a book, start an online course or read an article online.

Day 13: Be more in tune with nature.

Find a spot outside your house, go for a drive, a hike, or even a walk. Truly admire and be present with the beauty outside.

Day 14: Reflection

Today is your last day and a much needed day for reflection. Reflect on all the days and all the things you did during this challenge. What have you learned? How have you felt? How do you currently feel? What will you stop doing? What will you continue to do?

I encourage you to continue your wellness journey by incorporating as many of these activities on the challenge as possible.

If after doing this challenge, you decided you wanted to start a therapeutic journey with us, we would be happy to guide you on your journey. Book an appointment with us today or contact us for a free consult! We are here to help you in any way that we can.

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