Seven tips for connecting with your child

One word answers, shrugged shoulders and conversations that lead into an argument are some of the outcomes parents receive when they speak to their children about their life. The “It was okay” responses or “Ugh, you don’t understand” comments sometimes start growing as they get older. If you have experienced this at any point in your child’s life, don’t worry, this is normal; to some degree expected. Many parents find it challenging to connect and communicate with their children, especially if they’re in their teenage years at the moment.

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When children become teenagers, they enter a stage in life called “identity versus confusion”, according to a famous Psychologist named Erik Erikson, and his theory of psychosocial development. In this stage of development, their personalities are being shaped by their sense of exploration to find out who they really are. They do this by experimenting with different behaviours, friends and social circles, roles, identities, and practices.

More than ever, children and adolescents today have so much information available to them and so many different influencers and role models to choose from. These, combined with school, friends, extra-curricular activities and the like, give them many options and experiences that will shape them into being who they want to be.

As a parent, of course, you would want to be a part of this time in their life. The time you want them to make good choices and help them along the way. The truth is, you can’t help your child make ALL the right decisions, or go down all the right paths. They will make mistakes. They will mess up. Instead of focusing on how to prevent them from doing something, let’s try to get them to come to you when they have messed up.

Let’s help them want to talk to you first or run something by you. Let’s try to increase the probability of them asking for your help. How can you do this? By utilizing the following tips to connect with your child:

1) Show your child you RESPECT them.

Instead of talking AT them, by telling them what to do, have a two-way conversation with them. Put your phone on silent and give them your undivided attention.

2) Show your child you ACCEPT them.

Remind your child often that you love them the way they are, and refrain from comparing them to others. You can do this by telling them you love them, or showing them you love them in your own unique way.

3) Open up to them about your life.

If you don’t share your life with your children, why should they share theirs with you? Communication has a lot to do with reciprocity. If you want them to share information with you, start telling them about your day. Tell them about your ideas or goals.

4) Let them come to you.

If you notice your child is a bit hesitant or embarrassed to speak about a particular topic, don’t force them to. Give them some time. Allow them to come to you when they’re ready. You can do this by letting them know that you are there for them, if and when they would like to talk.

5) Show them that you’re interested.

When they do reach out to you, entertain the conversation. Ask questions, make comments, and give advice if they need it.

6) Listen to what they have to say.

Let them know that they have a voice by listening and not interrupting them when they’re speaking to you. Summarise what they have said, ever so often, to show that you’re really trying to understand what they’re saying.

7) Do the activities that they like to do.

Instead of doing separate activities, try spending time with your children by playing their favourite video game, or watching a movie they want to watch. Have fun with them! Let them choose the game to play, or restaurant to eat from tonight!

Connecting with your child, no matter what age they are can be challenging at times. You want to be a part of their life and you want to get to know them better. These 7 tips are great ways to start trying to connect with them. If you try all of these tips and are still having a challenge connecting, don’t be discouraged. Guiding Lanes is here to help you, when or if you need us. Connect with us for a consultation to speak about your situation, or book an appointment to see us when you can.

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